Event Booking outage - 10:00-10:05 Mon 6th Sept

Unplanned; Complete


Affected services
  • Event Booking
Outage Time
10:00 AM, 06-Sep-21 — 10:05 AM, 06-Sep-21
At Risk Time
10:05 AM, 06-Sep-21 — 10:30 AM, 06-Sep-21
Event Booking requires a minor code change to resolve an underlying issue with the Attendance Recorder App. The outage will last 5 minutes from 10:00 and the service will be at risk until 10:30.

Technical Information

Technical Information

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Technical summary
Event Booking outage - 10:00-10:05 Mon 6th Sept
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Requested by Willie Mitchell on 03-Sep-2021
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Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Willie Mitchell

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