Collaborate through MyEd at risk

Unplanned; Complete


Affected services
  • Collaborate Ultra
Outage Time
12:00 AM, 09-Sep-21 — 12:00 PM, 11-Sep-21
At Risk Time
12:00 PM, 11-Sep-21 — 10:15 AM, 13-Sep-21
Collaborate was unavailable through MyEd from morning of the 8th of September until noon on the 11th of September. We believe the issue has now been resolved but will be monitoring the service carefully over the rest of the weekend and throughout Welcome Week and the first week of semester.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Root cause analysis still to be completed. It appears to have been issues with API keys/passwords.
Technical summary
Collaborate through MyEd at risk
Servers / Hardware
Impact description
Users are not able to use Collaborate via MyEd.
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Additional comments

Request, Authorise and Publish

Requested by Sean Sweeney on 07-Sep-2021
Authorised by LTW
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Sean Sweeney

Additional Details

Risk classification
Risk assessment
We aren't sure of the scale of the issue yet but people are busy preparing for the start of semester.
Other people involved
Ana Heyn, Sean Sweeney, Mark Findlay, Blackboard
Notes for future reference