Core Router Replacement Appleton Tower

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Affected services
Outage Time
08:00 AM, 19-Jan-13 — 10:00 AM, 19-Jan-13
At Risk Time
10:00 AM, 19-Jan-13 — 12:00 PM, 19-Jan-13
Appleton Tower Router outage, Saturday 19th January 08:00-10:00. There will be a further 2 hour At Risk Period until 12:00. Please see Expected impact for list of services affected.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
There will be disruption to many core services whilst some essential network equipment is replaced. This work is essential to ensure core systems remain stable
Technical summary
Essential work on Network Equipment
Access to many core services
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
The following services will be unavailable: - SMS - Student file and profile servers (affecting logins in public labs) - Staff home and shared drives - Staff printing - Cloud printing - KX (accommodation services) - Continuing Personnel Development System, OLLIE WEB CPD Online - I:\ Drive( launch for several client applications such as EUCLID client) - ASTA - Estates: Parking, Estates Metering Networked services in the following buildings will be unavailable - this will include Wireless network & VOIP telephones: Adam Ferguson Building Informatics AT David Hume Tower Buccleuch Place 1 George Square Security Infirmary Street Dugald Stewart Bldg EDINA Causewayside George Sq East Sick Kids Hospital Royal Edinburgh Hospital Appleton Tower George Sq Lecture Theatre Library @ The Gyle At Risk: The ECDF NAS service will be at risk of disruption due to this work, but it is expected to remain available.
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Known upgrade process, which has been executed several times.
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