EASE unavailable

Planned in advance; Complete


Affected services
  • Authentication and Authorisation
  • PURE
  • UniDesk
Outage Time
08:00 AM, 29-Sep-15 — 09:15 AM, 29-Sep-15
The upgrade to the EASE cosign software this morning has failed and we are rolling back to the previous working configuration.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Upgrade cosign software to version 3.2.0. Add scripts which support the EASE second challenge. This will take place on all four LIVE EASE cosign servers.
Technical summary
Upgrade cosign software on EASE
All Staff and students wishing to log into EASE authenticated web services
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
We expect users to experience no noticeable impact.
Change Reference
Additional comments

Request, Authorise and Publish

Requested by Gavin Gray on 10-Sep-2015
Authorised by Unix Systems
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Tanya Houston to ease-admins@lists.ed.ac.uk

Additional Details

Risk classification
Risk assessment
This software has been running on DEV and TEST for some months
Other people involved
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