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Affected services
  • EUCLID web
  • MyEd
  • University Website
  • Central Wiki Service
  • UniDesk
  • Learn
  • Timetabling
  • EdWeb
Outage Time
08:00 AM, 29-Feb-16 — 06:00 PM, 29-Feb-16

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
The central VMware infrastructure is being upgraded from version 5.5 to version 6.0. The VMware management URL will be unavailable for the duration of the alert. This outage will facilitate the migration of hypervisor servers, vm guests and related management data from the existing version 5.5 vCenter environment to the new version 6.0 vCenter environment.
Technical summary
VMware upgrade
Administrators of Virtual Guests and their associated configurations.
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
We intend that there is no impact to applications resident on the VMware infrastructure during the host/data migrations. Management access to vCentre will not be possible. Management access to VMware components such as hypervisors, guests / guest consoles, access permissions, etc. will not be possible. Backup and Replication jobs may fail while hypervisors and guests are migrated to the new vCenter 6.0 environment. It will be necessary to de-/re-construct VMware DRS groups. VMware HA will not work normally until a sufficient number of hypervisors are fully migrated to the new vCenter 6.0 environment. All existing data and components which exist in the current vCenter environment should be available in the new vCenter environment after the host/data migrations.
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Requested by Barry Tait on 12-Feb-2016
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