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Affected services
  • ID Management
Outage Time
10:00 AM, 29-Mar-16 — 04:30 PM, 29-Mar-16
Degraded Service Time
08:00 AM, 30-Mar-16 — 11:00 AM, 30-Mar-16

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Various improvements to IDM will be deployed to LIVE as part of the COM021. Please note, moved from 22nd to 29th) Update: The original planned outage window was estimated in order to absorb expected SOA Deployment problems. During actual deployment, unexpected issues also occurred with existing deployments unaffected by the change. The deployment has been completed, but it has been agreed that rather than allow unattended processing, EUGEX feed and VRS processing will remain disabled until tomorrow morning. This has hampered progress such that the outage window has now been extended until 11:00am on Wednesday 30th March, with a 5 hour at-risk period thereafter. This alert will be updated accordingly. Update: This alert was updated ad 16:30 on 29th to register that all change work had been completed, but that the VRS and student feeds were to remain disabled rather than to allow unattended processing overnight. What was omitted was a change of status from service outage to degraded service.
Technical summary
IDM/VRS unavailable 29th March for COM021 deployment
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
IDM and VRS UI will be unavailable
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Requested by Chris McKay on 10-Mar-2016
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Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
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