Unidesk Unavailable

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Affected services
  • UniDesk
Outage Time
05:00 PM, 12-Apr-16 — 10:15 AM, 13-Apr-16
At Risk Time
10:15 AM, 13-Apr-16 — 05:00 PM, 13-Apr-16
Unidesk is software upgrades have been completed, and the service is now 'at risk' for the remainder of the day. Email imports will be resumed before lunchtime.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
The Edinburgh UniDesk service will be taken down in the evening so that preparatory work for the upgrade can be undertaken overnight. We will then upgrade the software the following morning.
Technical summary
UniDesk Edinburgh software upgrade
Users of UniDesk at Edinburgh
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
There will be an overnight outage of the Edinburgh UniDesk service, which will be unavailable the following morning. The service should be resumed by noon, and is expected to function well from then on. However, it will be considered 'at risk' for the remainder of the day.
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Requested by Matt Beilby on 31-Mar-2016
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Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Alex Brown Swan

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