PURE Data archive backup - Outage Required

Planned in advance; Complete


Affected services
  • PURE
Outage Time
05:00 PM, 31-May-16 — 06:00 PM, 31-May-16
At Risk Time
06:00 PM, 31-May-16 — 07:00 PM, 31-May-16
PURE will be unavailable to all users for one hour while an archive backup is taken of the service live data. During this time it will not be possible to access PURE.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Take archive backup of PURE Live data. Down-time is required to ensure that the extracted data is all in sync. Detailed instructions are recorded in the Tech Collaboration wiki, at https://www.wiki.ed.ac.uk/display/IATD/PURE+TEST+data+refresh+from+LIVE
Technical summary
Take archive backup of PURE Live data
PURE application users
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
1 hour down-time will affect academic users in all departments. The PURE application will be inaccessible during the down-time.
Change Reference
C1507-191 RES060 - PGR feed to PURE
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Requested by Jill Nicoll on 25-May-2016
Authorised by Applications
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Lisa McDonald

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