HR payroll migration

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Affected services
  • HR/Payroll
Outage Time
09:00 AM, 05-Jul-16 — 02:00 PM, 05-Jul-16
At Risk Time
02:00 PM, 05-Jul-16 — 05:00 PM, 05-Jul-16
HR and Payroll application will be unavailable on Tuesday 5th July between 9am and 2pm with a further "at risk" period between 2pm and 5pm. The application will be migrated onto new server infrastructure. Events Booking (staff) will be unavailable for 5 minutes due to restart of database during outage period.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
HR-Payroll application will be migrated to new application infrastructure.
Technical summary
HR-Payroll migration to the new corporate infrastructure
All users of HR & Payroll application
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
HR & Payroll systems will be unavailable during the period of the migration. This is expected to take 1/2 day. 1/2 day at risk has been put in should checks and initial operation identify any issues. Arrangements for interim feeds to related systems have been made.
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Requested by Susan Duff on 21-Jun-2016
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This has already been implemented on new test environment
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