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Affected services
  • E-Financials
Outage Time
08:00 AM, 13-Jul-16 — 10:00 AM, 13-Jul-16
At Risk Time
10:00 AM, 13-Jul-16 — 05:00 PM, 13-Jul-16

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Change eFin password and ensure that all dependent software is updated to use the new password.
Technical summary
Change eFin password
All users of eFinancials and all users of FPM
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
2 hours eFinancials system down-time, followed by the rest of the day at risk.
Change Reference
C1509-165 FIN109 - SAS Essential Enhancements
Additional comments
A1604-049 Live deploy & CMDB: FIN109-8 eFin password

Request, Authorise and Publish

Requested by Jill Nicoll on 11-Jul-2016
Authorised by Applications
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
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