power outages

Unplanned; Complete


Affected services
  • MyEd
  • Central Wiki Service
  • EBIS
  • Core Application Storage
Outage Time
08:44 PM, 11-Jul-16 — 10:44 PM, 11-Jul-16
Two power outages in the centre of Edinburgh caused loss of power to the AT datacentre. Due to a faulty UPS and faults with the generator, some services suffered loss.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
A two power cuts in central Edinburgh resulted in loss of power to AT. A faulty UPS and a fault with the generator resulted in loss of power to some services in the AT datacentre.
Technical summary
Loss of power to AT
Services from AT datacentre
Servers / Hardware
Impact description
Services in the central area were affected and some critical services such as MyEd and VLEs were down.
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Requested by Graeme Wood on 28-Jul-2016
Authorised by Unix Systems
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
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Loss of power
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