Appleton Tower datacentre power work (Outage)

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Affected services
  • Reporting + Analytics (BI Suite)
  • EBIS
  • eeMec, eeVec, ThankQ application suite, ESSMU, Path, CTB, Ext Examers, RMAS and SQS Interfaces
Outage Time
05:00 PM, 10-Jan-17 — 11:00 PM, 10-Jan-17
At Risk Time
11:00 PM, 10-Jan-17 — 12:00 PM, 11-Jan-17
Many core services will be at risk of disruption while essential maintenance takes place on the power serving the Appleton Tower Data Centre. During this time affected services should remain available but will be running on reduced resiliency and so should be considered at risk.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
A relay in the essential services circuit in Appleton Tower needs replaced. This requires disconnecting the datacentre from mains and generator power. The UPS will not be able to provide power for the time required by the Estates contractors to complete the work and so services in the AT datacentre will require to be shut down.
Technical summary
Appleton Tower datacentre power work (Outage + At risk)
All services from Appleton Tower datacentre and network access from buildings in the central area campus
Servers / Hardware
All servers and hardware in AT datacentre
Expected impact
Critical services such as Office 365, staffmail, Learn, University Website, Moodle and MyEd should continue to work throughout from the KB datacentre but with reduced capacity and loss of resilience and so should be regarded as at risk. We expect the network in the central area to be at risk but should continue to work for most of the duration of the event subject to power capacity on the UPS. Other services that solely run from the AT datacentre will not be provided and this includes services run from the IS virtual hosting service for schools that are not replicated or run from KB.
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This alert affects a large number of services but critical ones are replicated
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