Media Hopper Create - upload and subtitle problems

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  • Media Hopper Create
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09:00 AM, 31-Aug-20 — 05:00 PM, 21-Sep-20
Media Hopper Create has been moved on to a cloud based platform and the migration has caused a number of ongoing issues. We have been continuing to monitor the service carefully. We've seen lots of successful uploads during the week - still some upload issues, which appear more likely to impact large video files. Do let us know if the upload issues you are having seem to be persistent. Some people have seen other intermittent errors using the service and we are dealing with these on a case-by-base basis. Please continue to report any issues you have.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
We are working with the supplier to solve the issues as a matter of urgency
Technical summary
Media Hopper Create - Degraded service
Servers / Hardware
Impact description
Staff are using the service to prepare materials for hybrid teaching and student inductions.
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Requested by Liam Duffy on 01-Sep-2020
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