EdPrintPull - MobilityPrint server issue

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Affected services
  • Personal Print Copy and Scan
Degraded Service Time
10:30 AM, 07-Sep-21 — 04:58 PM, 07-Sep-21
An issue with the HTTP server component of the EdPrint MobilityPrint service was preventing some connections being made to it, which stopped the print queue being added on new clients and prevented some people from printing the the queue.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Initially presented as an issue specific to Mac OS Big Sur clients, once further reports of users of other OS's being affected it was identified as a server issue. Restarting the MobilityPrint service on edprint.is.ed.ac.uk resolved the issue.
Technical summary
MobilityPrint HTTP server runtime error
Users of EdPrintPull via the MobilityPrint service
Servers / Hardware
Impact description
Users setting up new connections to EdPrintPull via MobilityPrint, and some existing users submitting print jobs to EdPrintPull via MobilityPrint.
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Requested by Gareth Phillips on 08-Sep-2021
Authorised by User Services
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Gareth Phillips

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Less than 20 reports of issues before it was resolved
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